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The fingerprints of climate change are “all over” July heat waves in the southwestern United States and Europe

The fingerprints of climate change are being felt throughout the extreme heat waves sweeping the world this month, a new study finds. Researchers say the deadly heatwaves in southwestern and southern Europe would not have happened without the continued build-up of greenhouse gases in the air. Unusually severe heat waves are becoming more common, a … Read more

From yesterday’s weather to today’s climate stories

Katie Totron: From Yesterday’s Weather to Today’s Climate Stories Katie Totron’s interest in the natural world began with her love of weather—both everyday phenomena and rituals for adjusting forecasts. “I thought it was really funny that people get up every day and watch the weather, and that it was also a regular part of many … Read more

Salt water or fresh water? The difference is big for the climate when we flood the lowlands – ScienceDaily

Many countries are considering or have already planned to convert lowland agricultural lands into wetlands and thus save carbon dioxide2 emissions. The idea is that oxygen-depleted soils in wetlands emit fewer greenhouse gases than anoxic soils, benefiting the climate. But such transfers can come with a surprisingly high price for the climate, warn biologists from … Read more

3D printed homes come with a lower carbon footprint

Environmentally conscious homebuyers on a budget have a new option, 3D printed homes made from low carbon cement. A new residential neighborhood in Round Top, Texas, Casitas @ The Halles, has introduced tiny homes made of concrete that produces only 8% of the carbon emissions of making traditional Portland cement. Eco Material Technologies, North America’s … Read more

¿A qué velocidad aumenta el nivel de los mares? Yale Climate Communications

(lear in english) La era Moderna del cambio climático provocado por el hombre -el Antropoceno- también ha sido llamado el Piroceno, porque hemos entrado en una age del fuego caracterizada por grandes incendios forestales en tamaño, luxidad y duración. Pero nosotros proponemos otro termino para la period moderna: El Aquaceno, una época de rapido aumento … Read more

Overcoming the climatic barriers faced by job seekers

Climate jobs are on the rise and the demand for them is high. However, thousands of people struggle to find and secure climate jobs. Since starting the #OpenDoorClimate movement, where climate professionals make time to talk with people interested in climate action, I’ve heard from nearly 3,000 green job seekers. And I’ve heard their biggest … Read more

A new water heater rule could help Americans save energy and money

The Biden administration has proposed a new energy efficiency rule for residential water heaters, a move that would spur adoption of energy-efficient heat pumps and dramatically reduce carbon emissions from US homes. The federal Department of Energy, or DOE, says the proposal would eliminate more than 500 million metric tons of carbon emissions over 30 … Read more