BRIGGS & STRATTON® simplifies energy storage with new package options -

BRIGGS & STRATTON® simplifies energy storage with new package options

New Energy Storage System (ESS) packages provide the versatility to meet energy demands across applications

Milwaukee, WI (July 24, 2023) – Building on its 115 years of experience in energy applications, Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions is growing its portfolio to include a full line of standby energy products offering energy storage systems (ESS) and conventional standby generators. To support the continued growth of the mature ESS market and broader adoption of this innovative power technology, Briggs & Stratton is introducing new ESS packages. These packages offer a technology solution that is simple, sophisticated and versatile enough to serve a wide variety of applications to meet energy needs across homes and businesses.

With the help of innovative energy solution providers such as Briggs & Stratton, solar installers and consumers are embracing the many benefits of energy storage options. Currently, only 11 percent of solar owners have storage batteries. This number is expected to increase to 33 percent by 2027. By offering a simplified, comprehensive solution with the new ESS packages, Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions is helping streamline the sales and installation process for solar installers so they can meet their customers’ diverse energy needs while contributing to a sustainable and efficient energy future.

“With these packages, we hope to take the guesswork out of energy management and make it easier to expand power range and energy storage capacity to meet the demands of any installation, whether it is used with grid-tied solar systems, off-grid power systems or as a backup power option to manage blackouts,” said Tom Rugg, Senior Vice President and President – Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions.

Versatile, scalable and streamlined package options
The company’s new ESS packages take three core components – Lithium Furo Phosphate (LFP) batteries, a state-of-the-art 6 kW Simpliphi™ inverter, EnergyTrak™ control system and its application – and integrate them into installation, installation technology, installation technology, installation technology, and installation technology. An entire home or business stores energy to draw from during a power outage. Briggs & Stratton has two package options for installers and dealers: the SimpliPHI ESS package and the AmpliPHI™ ESS package. In addition, recent price reductions mean that both packages offer installers and dealers an affordable and competitive solution to meet their customers’ diverse energy needs.

Both SimpliPHI and AmpliPHI batteries have closed-loop connections that speed sharing of information across all components, increasing efficiency and reducing programming time. Batteries outlast a traditional 10-year battery limited warranty, so Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions has extended our industry-leading 15-year limited battery warranty. 1 Products are designed and assembled in the USA, and all EnergyTrak customer information is stored in the USA for added security that most competitors don’t offer. The new ESS packages are more affordable than ever and include $3,200 in mounting components that the competition charges as extra. Briggs & Stratton power solutions are backed by 115 years of experience and provide customers with exceptional performance and durability.

“Advances in ESS technology make it an increasingly viable and beneficial solution for residential and commercial customers as energy needs continue to evolve in the face of a changing energy landscape,” said Rogge. “Our new packages help expand the application capabilities of ESS technology, meaning installers can easily select and scale the solution that makes the most sense for the customer.”

SimpliPHI ESS package
The SimpliPHI ESS pack features the SimpliPHI 4.9 battery, which uses advanced LFP chemistry to provide efficient, reliable and safer power storage that runs cooler and for longer. The battery is coupled with the SimpliPHI 6kW Inverter and EnergyTrak control system. With this bundle option, merchants can offer their customers all the benefits of a cutting-edge ESS while embracing the simplicity of an all-in-one selling solution.

Installers have the option to run multiple batteries in parallel within the package to meet larger power needs and provide more storage capacity and backup power:
● With two SimpliPHI batteries, merchants can provide up to 16 hours of power backup with a storage capacity of 9.96 kWh2.
● With three SimpliPHI batteries, merchants can provide up to 24 hours of power backup with a storage capacity of 15.48 kWh.
● With four SimpliPHI batteries, dealers can provide up to 32 hours of power backup with a storage capacity of 19.92 kWh.

The wall mount included in the SimpliPHI ESS package makes installation quick, easy and clean. The SimpliPHI ESS package is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation and has an IP65 rating for all-weather operation.

AmpliPHI ESS package
The AmpliPHI ESS pack features an AmpliPHI 3.8 battery, which also uses advanced LFP chemistry and is paired with a SimpliPHI 6kW Inverter and EnergyTrak. The compact size of the AmpliPHI ESS package makes it suitable for indoor installation, but there is also an option for external cabinet mounting available. Dealers can also expand this package by adding AmpliPHI batteries within the system to meet larger or smaller power needs:
● With two AmpliPHI batteries, merchants can provide up to 12 hours of power backup with a storage capacity of 7.74 kWh.
● With three AmpliPHI batteries, dealers can provide up to 18 hours of standby power with a storage capacity of 11.61 kWh.
● With four AmpliPHI batteries, dealers can provide up to 25 hours of power backup with a storage capacity of 15.48 kWh.

Learn more about Briggs & Stratton ESS packages and how you can partner with Briggs & Stratton Energy Solutions.

Visit for user manuals, full warranty details, and the latest information. The 15-year warranty applies to batteries only. Inverters have a 10-year warranty. The EnergyTrak Gateway has a 5-year warranty. Does not include parts, labor or travel.
2 Total power measured using 0.5ºC vacuum according to IEC 61960-3:2017


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