Minnesota Legislative Victories and the Path Forward – Climate Generation

As the new Policy Director for Generation Climate, I’m excited to track and support environmental justice policy at all levels of government for students in the Young Environmental Activists Network (YEA!). I joined the Climate Generation Foundation in March of this year—in the middle of the Minnesota state legislature. Capitols are a unique experience to … Read more

¿A qué velocidad aumenta el nivel de los mares? Yale Climate Communications

(lear in english) La era Moderna del cambio climático provocado por el hombre -el Antropoceno- también ha sido llamado el Piroceno, porque hemos entrado en una age del fuego caracterizada por grandes incendios forestales en tamaño, luxidad y duración. Pero nosotros proponemos otro termino para la period moderna: El Aquaceno, una época de rapido aumento … Read more

James Price Point and fight to protect Kimberley from the new gas

Ten years ago, Western Australian firm Woodside Energy and its joint venture partners exited an $80 billion LNG demonstration project at Walmadany (James Price Point). It took one of the most effective environmental campaigns in Australian history to win. Traditional guardians and the local community, with national and international support, protected the Kimberley Coast from … Read more

A Pride Month Worth Celebrating – Generation Climate

As the calendar turns into June, and organizations big and small are putting up their rainbow banners to wish my community a “Happy Pride Month,” I’m feeling both joyful and sad at the same time. I look forward to celebrating pride with my friends, wearing my wildest outfits, and holding hands in public without worrying … Read more

Strong Typhoon Doxuri Threatens the Philippines and Taiwan » Yale Climate Communications

After a wave of rapid intensification, Typhoon Duxuri was sweeping through the waters of the northeastern Philippines at 11 a.m. EDT Monday as a Category 4 equivalent. According to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, Duxuri’s highest sustained winds for one minute were 140 mph, giving the typhoon strength as a Category 4 hurricane. Duxuri is … Read more

WaPo makes ludicrously false claim that cold kills more than heat, according to Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency

Washington PostWaPo climate columnist (twice a week) Michael J. Corinne, the so-called climate coach, published an article stating that hot temperatures kill more people in the United States each year than cold temperatures. this is not true. Peer-reviewed data and research consistently show that more people die in the United States each year from cold … Read more

Fuel efficiency benchmark advisory: Greenpeace report

The Australian government has finally agreed to create a fuel efficiency standard to reduce pollution from new cars – which is good news for people and the planet and will mean more electric cars on our roads and fewer greenhouse gas emissions from cars. (Learn what the fuel efficiency standard is here)Thousands of Greenpeace supporters … Read more

The 2023 Cohort Leaders co-designed the Climate Change Education Summer Institute – Climate Generation

We are excited to announce that our 2023 Summer Institute for Climate Change Education model will continue from July 17-22! 18 regional partners across North America are creating an innovative, collaborative, solutions-focused virtual conference with our team. Since January, Cohort Partners have participated in monthly collaborative business meetings to develop the themes, content, and structure … Read more