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Take the Australian government to court

We are Uncle Babai and Uncle Paul, proud First Nations leaders from Judah Malweligal in the Torres Strait and we take The Australian government is on trial for failing to prevent climate change. Our people have lived in the Torres Strait for thousands of years. Our land is the centerpiece of our culture and the … Read more

Turbulence 95 liters gets more organized on the way to the Lesser Antilles

A tropical wave that emerged from the African coast on Wednesday occurred midway between the Lesser Antilles and the coast of Africa on Friday afternoon. The system, designated Invest 95L by the National Hurricane Center, could develop into a tropical depression before moving across the Lesser Antilles and into the eastern Caribbean by Tuesday or … Read more


Introduction The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Development Enhancing Renewable Energy with Artificial Intelligence The Potential of AI in Energy Storage Maximizing Efficiency: Identifying the Most Efficient Renewable Energy Source AI for Sustainable Development: Applications and Benefits Challenges and Considerations The Role of Multilateralism in Sustainable Development Conclusion FAQs The Alliance Between Artificial Intelligence … Read more