A study suggests that the Atlantic Current could collapse much sooner than thought

Subscribe to the independent climate email to get the latest advice on saving the planet Get our free climate email A new study finds that the Atlantic Ocean current that brings warmth north from the tropics could collapse much sooner than scientists previously thought. Known as the Atlantic Meridian Overturning Circulation (AMOC), this current prevents … Read more

From yesterday’s weather to today’s climate stories

Katie Totron: From Yesterday’s Weather to Today’s Climate Stories Katie Totron’s interest in the natural world began with her love of weather—both everyday phenomena and rituals for adjusting forecasts. “I thought it was really funny that people get up every day and watch the weather, and that it was also a regular part of many … Read more

3D printed homes come with a lower carbon footprint

Environmentally conscious homebuyers on a budget have a new option, 3D printed homes made from low carbon cement. A new residential neighborhood in Round Top, Texas, Casitas @ The Halles, has introduced tiny homes made of concrete that produces only 8% of the carbon emissions of making traditional Portland cement. Eco Material Technologies, North America’s … Read more

A new water heater rule could help Americans save energy and money

The Biden administration has proposed a new energy efficiency rule for residential water heaters, a move that would spur adoption of energy-efficient heat pumps and dramatically reduce carbon emissions from US homes. The federal Department of Energy, or DOE, says the proposal would eliminate more than 500 million metric tons of carbon emissions over 30 … Read more

Scientists say that the human-caused climate crisis is responsible for the deadly heat waves sweeping the planet

Subscribe to the independent climate email to get the latest advice on saving the planet Get our free climate email Scientists have found that human-induced climate change is responsible for the historic heat waves that swept the planet from China to the United States. The World Weather Attribution (WWA) research, released on Tuesday, says record-breaking … Read more

Infrastructure and the transition to environmental sustainability

Infrastructure and the transition to environmental sustainability While it took the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln’s dream of an American middle class to convince the federal government to build infrastructure, our government has been investing in infrastructure and stimulating the economy for 19 years.y a century. The idea of ​​a free market that is not … Read more

The GOP’s response to climate change is an environmental disaster

House Republicans on Wednesday introduced an appropriations bill for federal environmental agencies that would boost development of the same fossil fuels that are driving the myriad disasters that have rocked the Northern Hemisphere this year. The legislation includes significant funding cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of the Interior and the White House … Read more