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Avoid environmental panic

Avoid environmental panic It’s turning into a spooky summer. Arizona is baking more than usual. Canadian forests burned and provided some North American cities with orange skies. The rural Northeast is flooded with brisk rains, and many small towns have suffered massive flooding. The ocean off Miami is 90 degrees, and nobody seems to be … Read more

Society’s climate resilience – Earth911

Halting climate change is a top environmental priority, but it’s too late to focus exclusively on prevention. From heat waves to hurricanes, communities are already experiencing the extreme weather effects of our changing climate. Around the world, civic leaders are working to make their communities more resilient to climate change and increasingly common environmental disasters. … Read more

Greece latest fires: Evacuations begin in Corfu as Rhodes tourists fleeing bushfires spend their second night at the airport

Forest fires in Greece: Tourists from Rhodes sleep on the airport grounds awaiting evacuation To get free, real-time breaking news alerts sent straight to your inbox, sign up for our breaking news emails. Sign up for our free breaking news emails The Greek fire service said some 2,500 people had been evacuated from Corfu, where … Read more

Paying for climate resilience

Paying for climate resilience The transition to an environmentally sustainable economy has begun, but it will be a generation (about twenty years) before we see a moderation in global warming. The cost of reducing climate pollution faster would be an economic and political disaster. Slowing or stopping economic growth would destabilize politics, and given the … Read more

This little-known federal regulator can crack down on fraudulent carbon offsets

Across the United States, more and more companies are pledging to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions using “voluntary carbon offsets” — credits that represent the amount of climate pollution prevented or removed from the atmosphere. These credits, which were bought and sold in unregulated markets and are expected to be worth $100 billion by 2030, have … Read more