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Colorado adopts new rules to reduce methane emissions

Colorado is the fifth largest producer of oil and gas in America, which means that the fossil fuel industry is a vital part of the state’s economy. One consequence of oil and gas operations is the release of methane into the atmosphere, sometimes on purpose and sometimes accidentally. Because methane is such a powerful greenhouse … Read more

Greenview Energy unlocks value with our renewable investment platform

Greenview Energy (GVE), a private investment firm that funds, develops and maintains ownership of renewable infrastructure assets, has launched an innovative platform focused on the production of clean energy and sustainable fuels. With nearly a decade of successful renewable energy infrastructure development, GVEs leadership has developed 4 GW of solar, wind, energy storage and renewable … Read more

How to make sustainability more creative – and creativity more sustainable

In his previous role as Associate Creative Director at New York-based creative agency Mustache, Adam Lerman built a decade of experience crafting content that communicates complex issues in actionable, easy-to-digest ways, having worked in the past with top brands like YouTube, PepsiCo, Neutrogena, and Sony. Now as global creative director of sustainability at Accenture Song, … Read more

Two-wheeled electric wheels Vietnam – CleanTechnica

Vietnam ranks fourth in Asia (after China, India and Indonesia) for its use of two-wheelers (motorcycles and scooters) for transportation. The majority of these vehicles run on gasoline and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. The national government is counting on the transition to electric two-wheelers to achieve its goals of reducing greenhouse gas … Read more

‘Twisted economy’: UK trains are four times more expensive than planes

New research has revealed that the cost difference between traveling on a low-carbon train or an emissions-intensive journey is sharper in the UK than in any other country in Europe. A report published earlier this month by the Greenpeace group says European governments are actively encouraging citizens to travel in the most emissions-intensive way possible, … Read more

Trixie Teapot – Speed ​​Racer

Robert Isaak, a self-confessed über-nerd and track racer, brought his modified Model 3 to an electric car event in Bundaberg a couple of weeks ago and told me his remarkable story. I was allowed to share it with my readers CleanTechnica. enjoy. Modification for track, teapot racer. Image by Majella Waterworth. Written by Robert Isaac … Read more

Powur adds FranklinWH’s battery power management solution to its platform

By adding cost-competitive FranklinWH Home Power (FHP), a whole-home energy management system with AC-coupled storage, to its platform, Powur is expanding its already broad portfolio of clean energy solutions, including products and financing, to enable people to live in energy-smart, customized homes and achieve energy independence. Fully committed to expanding its sales through Powur, FranklinWH … Read more

Building regulations and how to change them

Once I was introduced to a systems-based lens to see the world, I just couldn’t help but ignore it. This point of view is really one of the most pivotal frameworks for understanding the problems of society. Today, I see myself, my business, my buildings, climate change, and everything in between as one incredibly complex … Read more