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Scientists predict a collapse of the Atlantic Current in the middle of the century – ScienceDaily

Important ocean currents that redistribute heat, cold and precipitation between the tropics and the far north Atlantic region will close by 2060 if current greenhouse gas emissions continue. That’s the conclusion based on new calculations from the University of Copenhagen that contradict the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Contrary to what … Read more

Salt water or fresh water? The difference is big for the climate when we flood the lowlands – ScienceDaily

Many countries are considering or have already planned to convert lowland agricultural lands into wetlands and thus save carbon dioxide2 emissions. The idea is that oxygen-depleted soils in wetlands emit fewer greenhouse gases than anoxic soils, benefiting the climate. But such transfers can come with a surprisingly high price for the climate, warn biologists from … Read more

Study comparing water quality before subsequent fertilizer ban over five years – ScienceDaily

From frequent harmful algal blooms – including brown tides – to catastrophic losses of seagrass, fish mortality and extraordinary marine mammal mortality – including the threatened Florida manatee – the Indian River Lagoon suffers from ecological distress. For decades, water managers, policymakers, and environmental activists have considered fertilizer use the major contributing source responsible for … Read more

Ellen J. Hanford’s Bulletin Boards: 1) Earth Sciences; 2) Ecology. 3) Coastal District Administration – July 24, 2023

the @employee Spring 2024 Conference, April 8-10, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. “Water Risks and Resilience: Research and Sustainable Solutions” Go here for more information: https://tinyurl.com/kh2hcwuy #retweet see you there! Enjoy! ********************************************************************************************** Earth Science Bulletin Board – Jul 24, 2023 – Posted by Eileen J. Hanford Crater Lake National Park M7.2 earthquake in Aleutian may be a precursor … Read more

New Catalysts for Solar Hydrogen Production – ScienceDaily

Finding clean, sustainable fuels is critical in today’s global energy and climate crisis. Hydrogen is a promising candidate that is becoming increasingly important. However, today’s industrial hydrogen production still contains a significant amount of carbon dioxide2 footprint, especially considering processes such as steam reforming or unsustainable electrolysis. A team led by Professor Dominique Eder of … Read more

Surfactants May Offer Greener Solution to Dealing with Oil Spills – ScienceDaily

Can surfactants increase the microbiological degradation of oils in North Sea waters? An international research team from the universities of Stuttgart and Tübingen, together with China West Normal University and the University of Georgia, have explored this question and the results reveal the potential for a more efficient and environmentally friendly response to the oil … Read more

New standard for green hydrogen technology set by Rice U engineers – ScienceDaily

Rice University engineers can convert sunlight into hydrogen with record efficiency thanks to a device that combines next-generation halide perovskite semiconductors and electrocatalysts into a single rugged, cost-effective and scalable device. The new technology is an important step forward for clean energy and can serve as a platform for a wide range of chemical reactions … Read more

Scientists discover filter-feeding basking sharks are as warm-bodied as great whites – ScienceDaily

Roughly 99.9% of fish and shark species are “cold-blooded,” meaning their body tissues generally match the temperature of the water in which they swim—but researchers have just discovered that the great basking shark is one exception in a thousand. Instead, these sharks keep the core regions of their bodies warmer than the water like the … Read more