Study accidentally proves man-made global warming is unprovable -

Study accidentally proves man-made global warming is unprovable

According to a study recently published in the journal SciencesAnd And USA Today captured it, more than 400,000 years ago, Greenland was actually green.

Yes, scientists say, the huge island was free of ice and was probably covered with trees.

This is important to know, says study co-author Paul Berman of the University of Vermont because it tells us that “the Greenland ice sheet is fragile.” (emphasis, links added)

Berman stated: “Everything in itself, during a warm period very similar to today, it was The ice sheet melted 400,000 years ago. that was Without fossil fuel emissions into the atmosphere.

that The ice cap melted “by itself”? This “world” tells us that We must change our lifestyles immediately And Our economies are bankrupt to Prevent something from happening naturally And Without human influence for 400,000 years!

After the Greenland ice sheet turned into waterClimate announcers whine, and Sea level has risen at least five feet.

this is a reason Fish rolling factory USA Today to officially celebrate:

“This means that the Greenland ice sheet may be more sensitive to human-caused climate change than previously thought – and will be subject to rapid and irreversible melting in the coming centuries.”

He says What?!

No, it means that the Greenland ice sheet He was proves sensitivity to nonHuman-caused climate change (Heating) … And that solubility He is evacuation …because that is Exactly what happened next last meltingAnd Why is Greenland more frozen than green? today!

for some reason, Birdcage liner Chose USA Today Meteorologist at the University of Pennsylvania Michael Mannwhich was not part of the study and whose “hockey stick” graph of global warming has been widely lostto review the study.

Man said forcibly phlegmatic: “We’re getting dangerously close to some possibilities critical climatic tipping points. “

However, Berman told USA Today that The dissolution process is not instantaneousnoting that “It gives us a little time, not much.

He added that it would take hundreds to thousands of years to Significantly reduces the ice coverwhile at the same time warning that this should not be a source of relief for us.

Thanks for pointing out that the melting process is “not instantaneous”, Paul.

Most of us thought, “Poof, zap the ice sheets” within minutes. But hundreds thousands of years Not a lot of time – and shouldn’t it be a relief to us? truly? Why?

I mean, notice Climate expert Greta Thunberg gave us this 12 years To save the planet…About four years ago. Al Gore and others made similar statements. Thousands of years seem better to me.

and study authors Don’t prioritize information well.

Is it really wise Worry about the Greenland ice sheet being It is likely to diminish dramatically in thousands of years In light of the fact that Russia and North Korea threatened to use nuclear weapons?

And that Iran may soon have one – or more – and may try to vaporize Israel? or that Global elites want to take advantage of the Great Reset to The destruction of the middle class around the world, robbing them of property and freedom and forcing them to eat insects?

Or that the percentage of people who identify as LGBT is exploding at the same time Birth rates in the western world going down? Or many are worried about it Artificial intelligence might make humans obsolete in the not too distant future? Shall I continue?

On the one hand, given the rapid advancement of some technologies over the past 100 years (we have taxis flying over the streets of at least one American city right now (they’re basically compact helicopters)), is that correct? It is strange to think that we can handle a potential sea level rise of five feet in a A thousand years Or more?

But back to Berman, who confirmed that the study “A A real warning sign us that We will lose large portions of the ice sheet unless we decarbonize.No. It tells us We could lose large chunks of the ice sheet no matter what we do…or don’t do.

or not.

Again Berman: “400,000 years ago there were no cities on the coast…and Now there are cities on the coast.“Thank you so far Another insightpee.

You mean New York, San Diego, Vancouver, Miami, Honolulu, Oslo, and New Orleans didn’t exist? Almost half a million years ago? Who knows?

Thank heavens for the “experts”.

naturally, All this hand manipulation over a thaw can be in vain. Earth repeats ice ages tend to follow a 100,000 year cycleduring Ice sheets have been growing for about 90,000 years and then Decline or collapse in about 10,000 years during warmer periods.

the The last ice age ended about 11,700 years ago. Which means it might get cold again soon.

Because, as you know, the Earth is able to do it “on its own.”

Top photo by Jan Zakelj

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